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And a happy pi day to ya!

This is the first Pi day that I did NOT have a pi memorization contest, in all my (9) years of teaching. I really miss having the kids randomly storming up to me and shouting digits of pi all day. The classes I visited today were all doing different sorts of pi day activities: one class was measuring circular objects and dividing circumferences by radii (heh- I just wanted to say radii), another class was estimating the radius of a basketball, a third class was calculating pi from a hula hoop, then using the circumference to estimate the revolutions per minute while someone used the hula hoop (although I have to imagine that the calculations were a little off, since you probably have to take into account said hula-hooper's waist measurement and the actual distance the hula hoop travels), and a fourth class was using the Internet to find answers to some pi challenges such as "Which Greek mathematician is given credit for creating Pi?"

It was a fun day to observe. The only regret I have is not being able to locate my Pi t-shirt. It's black, with a white pi symbol on the front, and a circle with the first 100 or so digits of pi in it on the back. Can't find it anywhere. Guess I'll have to get a new one.

I got my evaluation from my principal today, and thank goodness I've got him fooled! Okay, all kidding aside, he thinks I'm doing a pretty good job around the school, which is always nice to hear, especially during the Month of Hell which is March. He didn't have any suggestions for improvement, but he does want me to pump up my leadership skillz. He gave me a few ideas on what I should think about in terms of communicating my vision of math instruction. You know: modeling, self-reflecting, sticking to what I believe is appropriate for teaching students math... Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Vision? What the hell do I know about having a vision? I just want the kids to learn!" If I get into the License and Leadership Program, it's going to be a long year.

But I digress.

Today is also Nancy's birthday (boy, is she lucky to be born on Pi day!), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY! She shares her birthday with Albert Einstein, which I think I mentioned last year. Tonight, DH and I are having circular food for dinner: pizza, and blueberry pie for dessert. As he would say, life is good.



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Mar. 17th, 2008 12:46 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on the awesome evaluation (not that it should be any less than that, you've been working really hard!) I'm so glad your supervisor recognizes it!

From my brief experience in a leadership position I can tell you it doesn't feel as though you've got it initially because you're just getting your bearings, but it certainly develops over time. One thing that may be helpful would be to see what other folks in your position around the country are doing.
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